The Works

Vehicles we can't wash:

• Vehicles with hitch-mounted bike, ski, wheel chair or equipment carriers.
• Extended height full size vans.
• Trucks with dual rear tires.
• Vehicles with permanently affixed tri-pod style mirrors.
• Hummers
• Open bed pick up trucks with debris, tools, or any other loose materials.
• Trucks/vans with ladder racks.
• Vehicles lowered from original height.
• Vehicles that are too high (87" max height)
• Trucks with greasy fifth wheels.

Tops is responsible for:

• Original factory equipment in good condition for 5 years from the vehicle's year of manufacture.

Customer is responsible for:

• Antennas
• Bug shields
• Roof racks (bike, ski, luggage, etc)
• Modified or non-factory equipment
• Existing damage (rust, cracks, etc)