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Eco Friendly

Environmental Statement

At Tops we pride ourselves on being environmentally responsible. We are water and ecologically friendly. Our wash process ensures that all of the water that is used in the cleaning of your vehicle and the resulting waste are treated in special settling pits that remove the solids from the water which in turn are removed by proper means and then treated . All of the water is treated and then returned to the sanitary sewer for proper treatment.

Professional carwashes are very beneficial to the environment. A professional carwash will use significantly less water than an individual would while washing their vehicle in their driveway. Also the soaps and waxes that are used in the process are biodegrable. Unlike the driveway car wash all of the byproducts of the wash are treated and then returned to the sanitary sewer or removed by proper waste handling companies. Conversely the home carwash residue will be swept down the storm sewer, leading directly to our lakes and rivers, and usually will not be biodegradable nor friendly to the finish of your vehicle.