Learn about Tops' environtmental efforts!

The Tops Difference

Tops is a state of the art, modern automated Full Service Car Wash. We use the latest in Automatic Vehicle Washing Technology to clean and dry your vehicle quickly, efficiently and safely. Our process will leave your vehicle clean, shiny and spot free dry every time!

We are able to wash almost any vehicle that is built today, from passenger cars and pick up trucks and even convertibles.

We are a Full Service Car Wash which means we provide a wide range of services for the Exterior and the Interior of the vehicles we wash.

You can choose from an Exterior only wash or elect for a Full Service Wash which will vacuum the interior and clean the windows along with your Exterior Wash and dry. In conjunction with the Exterior Wash we offer a number of protection and cleaning enhancements that will help protect and shine your vehicles paint, clean the aluminum wheels and shine and protect the tires.

We also offer Express Detailing Services. These are services that are intended to take no more than 20 minutes to perform after the wash and will provide a more extensive level of cleaning that the full service car wash may not address and may be necessary for some vehicles in order to attain the level of cleanliness you are looking for.

Please look through this web site and it should be able to answer any questions you may have.



"I'm a busy Mom with 3 kids – in and out of our minivan all day long! It's important for me to make sure it stays clean – that's why I go to Tops every few weeks. I'm in and out in about ten minutes and the van always looks great!"

"As a sales person I have to make sure that my car looks as professional as I do – I come to Tops each week and leave with the car exactly the way I want it."

"We've been coming to Tops for years now – we used to wash our car in the driveway but we used a lot of water and could never get the same shine we were after. Tops keeps our car clean and shining – and we know that we're helping the environment too by using less water!"